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Shorts Program 1: SO SURE OF YOURSELF

  • 88 mins

In this program

Goodbye, Sammy

Directed by Eric Yang

Velvet Sky

Directed by Charles Jon Gray

A young naive filmmaker on the verge of making his first feature film agrees to be mentored by a director he idolizes but realizes too late that his jealous mentor is only out to sabotage him for his own personal gain, so he must break way form this toxic relationship and find the story he was meant to tell before his chances of success are tarnished.

What They Left Behind

Directed by Xingyu Gu

Several years after her grandfathers had passed away, a young woman recollects her memories of them.

Red Balloon

Directed by Jiaxun Gao

Julie, a mid-aged housewife goes to an abortion center because of her husband’s demand, and after an internal struggle and an encounter with a young girl, she makes an unexpected decision by the end of the day.


Directed by Elaine Wong

A stand-up comedian takes up a day job as a Chinese school teacher in Los Angeles and connects with a troubled student who feels like she doesn’t fit in with the world around her.

Cash Only

Directed by Yuxi Xing

Smuggled into the United States, Jack works at a Chinese restaurant trying to pay off his debts. When he is desperate for money, the restaurant comes to closure due to the pandemic. Jack struggles between stealing money and his conscience. He eventually holds his moral principle and unexpectedly wins the appreciation of the restaurant owner.

En Pointe

Directed by Megan Lee

When a young ballet dancer has the opportunity to compete in a hip-hop dance crew audition, her ambitions are met by her imposing mother who has other plans in store.

Dates & Times


Eaton Workshop Beverly Snow

Sat, Jul 15
1:00 pm