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  • 78 mins

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Packing Day

Directed by Rafhael Dungca, Shariful Taher

In this fashion film, a first-generation Filipino-American breakdancer reluctantly participates in the packing of the Balikbayan Box. He later comes to see the value of this custom through a day dream. This film is the intersection of Breakdancing and Filipino tradition.

Passenger Seat

Directed by Neha Gautam

A young Pakistani girl from Queens, New York finds herself growing distant to her father as his taxi business starts to decline with the rise of ride-share apps.

Hoang the Paper Boy

Directed by Ly Bolia

Hoang a country boy uses his paper folding skills to prove his worth to the Princess Thy Mai.


Directed by Han Tang

Chloe is a 6-year-old first-grader. Her mom works as a frontline doctor who treats COVID patients and has to quarantine herself when she comes home from work. Chloe’s grandma is taking care of her, but Chloe is not happy about it. She misses her mom, hates zoom classes, and hates her grandma’s cooking. Chloe’s grandma is scared to go to the grocery store because of the rise of hate crimes toward Asian elders. When Chloe accidentally ate the dumplings grandma made for her mom’s birthday, she came up with a “creative solution” to fix the mishap so they can celebrate her mom’s birthday. To her surprise, this “solution” opened up a pandora’s box of things she’s still too young to understand. Nonetheless, Chloe grown up quite a bit within a day.

The Last Rodeo

Directed by Alison Week, Liz Barney

THE LAST RODEO follows a young paniolo (Hawaiian cowgirl), Laʻi Bertlemann, at her final high school rodeo competition of the school year as she wonders if will she stay in Hawai’i or go to the mainland for university after graduation? As we follow her from her final high school rodeo competition to her family’s annual branding day, we see a slice of the life she risks leaving behind and ultimately how it shapes her final decision.

Dates & Times


Eaton Workshop Cinema

Sun, Jul 16
11:00 am